Player Development System

Player Development System.png

Player Development System
is divided into 5 level :
【''Fun''damental fun】【Foundation foundation】
【Potential potential】

Experience】: activities such as Dodgeball Funday, Mini Dodgeball Course and Free Dodgeball Trial, which is suitable for the new comers of the dodgeball sport.

【"Fun"damental fun】: School Dodgeball Promotion Program and Organization Dodgeball Promotion Program is provided to the communities which are intersted in Dodgeball. Through fun & structured game drills and dodgeball match experience to nurture participants' interest in Dodgeball.

Foundation】: Training Courses organized by HKDA and other dodgeball clubs / schools / orgnaizations. The participants who certain knowledge of Dodgeball. Professional coaches will conduct formal training for those students. The goal is to participating in competitions. We also encourage our clubs to hold adult training courses, and adult players can participate in the Hong Kong Open and League. 

【Potential】 is the youth representng team of HKDA. Those potential players must under 19 years to join the youth reoresenting team.
Players, who have outstanding performance in major youth events, may register in the HK youth representing team selection. Players who selected into the team will practicpate in "World Junior Dodgeball Championship" or other international/regional junior competitions, and prepare to become a member of the HK Dodgeball representing team.

【Elite】 : the HK Dodgeball Representing Team. Player who want to get selected into the HK Team must participated in Division 1 of Hong Kong Dodgeball League. In addition, Demonstaring potential and outstanding performence in the Hong Kong Open or League. After the selection held by HK Team Affairs Committee, HK Team members will represent HKDA in the "World Dodgeball Championship" and other international/regional events.